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A Local Seminar is a more in-depth Basic 5 presentation that lasts six to eight hours and features a Guest Speaker who is an approved Speaker’s Bureau Category II member. Only approved Speaker’s Bureau Category II members can be featured speakers at a Local Seminar.  At Local Seminars, Distributors and UnFranchise® Owners are taught additional sales techniques and organizational-building techniques from some of the invited Guest Distributors in the respective area. Product Trainings can be included in this event as well as informational segments devoted to the various stores within Market America’s Mall Without Walls®. This event also recognizes area Distributors and UnFranchise Owners who have achieved new Pin Levels and UFO qualification or requalification, or have achieved outstanding retailing or recruiting accomplishments or other related success. 

Tickets:  £25.00 per UnFranchise® Owner or three tickets for £60.00!  For more information, please email 



featured speaker

October 5, 2019

Market U.K. Training Centre, Salisbury House
5 Cranmer Road, London, SW9 6EJ

Carl Eklund - Director 



  • saturday, october 5

  • 9:45 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. - General Session

speaker profile - carl eklund

Carl Eklund was a traditional business owner based in Rochester, New York.  He and his wife, Jodi, have been Unfranchise Owners for 11 years, and they are members of the Million Dollar Club.  Carl is known as "Mr. Shopping Annuity", and is ready to equip and empower the UK to convert our spending into earning!

Speakers, Agenda, Dates and Locations are all Subject to Change. Please note that ticket purchases are nonrefundable.

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