Market united kingdom seminar

Combined MidEast Regional & UK Seminar: Friday 6th - Sunday 8th May 2022

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Tickets now available for the Combined Mid-East Regional & UK Seminar with special guest Marc Ashley along with over a dozen leaders and fast growing UnFranchise Owners! Get your tickets secured NOW! 

For those in the UK, attendance will be virtually and the ticket price reduced - secure your spot now! 

3 Days of UnFranchise Mastery:  Fri 6th May @ 12am BST - Sun 8th May 9pm BST

This year's Hybrid MA Regional Convention promises to give you an immersive learning experience. You'll meet experts from diverse fields who will give you insights and practical examples,that will enable you to build a solid UnFranchise business.


Speakers, Agenda, Dates and Locations are all Subject to Change. Please note that ticket purchases are nonrefundable.

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