2019 tls® trainer training

Being a TLS Trainer allows an UnFranchise Owner who is a Certified TLS Coach (see below), actively working and building their UnFranchise Business with TLS and meets the speaker bureau requirements (category 1 or 2-refer to speaker bureau requirements in UnFranchise Manual) to conduct TLS 101/201 trainings.  It is required to maintain all requirements at all times and attend the TLS Trainer training, which is held after a major event (International Convention) yearly.  Only UnFranchise Owners who meet trainer requirements may attend TLS Trainer Training.

TLS Certified Coach:
1. Attend the TLS 101/201 training within the past (2) years.
2. Purchased or sold 10 TLS Health Guides & Journals, 10 individual TLS Supplements or TLS coded kits.
3. Must like and follow TLS Weight Loss Solution on Social Media and make or comment on at least five (5) posts on TLS Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (@TLSweightloss)
4. Must host or help a customer host at least one (1) TLS Online Party
5. Must share at least five (5) posts from TLS Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page to your personal page
6. Must have ten (10) TLS customers
7. Must submit ten (10) client results and testimonials from any of the TLS program you run to findyourfit@marketamerica.com
8. Must maintain or be progressively working towards: 25-31% Boday Fat for Women; 18-25% Body Fat for Men
*Special Medical Considerations will be taken into account.  We want you to be a product of the product.

The TLS Certified Trainer Requirements are as follows:
1. Must have met all of the TLS Certified Coach requirements
2. Must be a Category one (1) Speaker or higher
3. Must have achieved Shopping Annuity Master Member status within the last year
4. Must have qualified as a Master UnFranchise Owner within the last year
5. Must have retailed a minimum of $3,000 in TLS products for the last two (2) quarters
6. Must have attended a corporate sponsored Train the Trainers, TLS-101 and TLS-201

Ongoing TLS Trainer qualification requirements:
1. A TLS Certified Trainer must conduct a minimum of one (1) TLS-101 and one (1) TLS-201 training every quarter, covering material and in accordance with Market America policies
2. Attend and purchase (5) tickets to both International Convention & World Conference from the Company
3. Support or play a role in your area GMTSS Team/Leadership Commmittee
4. Respond to questions on TLS Weight Loss Solution Coach Support Facebook page

TLS Certified Training Registration:
1. TLS Certified Trainer Trainings are held once each year either immediately before or after the Annual International Convention held in Greensboro, NC.  Registration forms are available at unfranchise.com 
2. The cost of the TLS Certified Training is $200 for new Qualified prospective TLS Trainers and $100 for any re-takes
3. Each official TLS Certified Trainer must re-certify once every two years or at the direction of the Director of TLS

Note the completion of the TLS Certified Training doesn't mean you have become a TLS Certified Trainer.  You must still complete an interview and officially be invited to become an official TLS Certified Trainer and pass a timed online exam after the Trainer Training is completed.  This exam link will be sent out via email.

Martket America reserves the right to cancel ANY scheduled TLS Trainer Training for any reason, up to thirty (30) days prior to the first day of the Event.  All monies received for a cancelled Seminar will be refunded thirty (30) days of the date of cancellation.




August 12, 2019

Sheraton Greensboro

Speaker:  Susan Pasqual
Time:  9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


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