Transitions lifestyle system (tls®)

TLS stands for TRANSITIONS LIFESTYLE SYSTEM - We are the TLS weight-loss solution and our mission is to empower people through science based, proven methodologies to advance individuals in health and wealth.  TLS is committed to maximizing human potential!

As an UnFranchise Owner you also receive your own  site to learn more and help customers with our products and programs.

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how to become a tls® certified coach or certified trainer

A TLS Coach that has focused the majority of their customer sales to the TLS Product line.  They are determined to improve their understanding and ability to implement the TLS weight loss solution and have successfully implemented with 10 or more TLS customers, giving them increased credibility within their organization and future customers.

Requirements of becoming a Certified TLS Coach:
1. Training; attending the 101 and 201 trainings, and commit to re-attending at least every 2 years. 
2. Fieldwork; Coach at least 10 Preferred Customers through a TLS program.  Submitting 10 client results and testimonials from any of the TLS program you run within a year of your TLS training.  EMAIL TO;  
This includes selling 10 TLS guides and 10 individual TLS Products or Kits and Hosting two Live or Online TLS overviews.
3. Testing; pass an online exam with a score of at least 85.  More details on this is in the TLS Business Guide, which can be downloaded from the UnFranchise Management System (UFMS).
4. Must like, follow and interact on all our TLS Weight Loss Solution social media channels. (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter)
5. Must maintain or be progressively working toward 25-31% body for for women or 18-25% body fat for men.  *Special medical considerations will be taken into account.  It is important to be a product of the product and be a successful example of the TLS system.

Is a TLS Certified Coach that has embraced the TLS Mission and wants to contribute to the education of all UFO's by training GMTSS scheduled TLS 101 & 201 in the field.  They understand how to successfully implement the TLS division and teaching others to do the same; increasing income within their business and by training in the field.

Requirements and ongoing Responsibilities of becoming a TLS Certified Trainer:
1. A TLS Trainer must first be a Certified Coach and actively Coach new Customers through the TLS System
2. Must conduct a minimum of one TLS 101 and one TLS 201 training every quarter, covering all the TLS material and in accordance with Market America policies
3. Conduct a minimum of two TLS Overviews per quarter (for yourself, your team, health practice, or to anyone interested).  This can be done 1:1, in a group, online or an at-home presentation.
4. Be a qualified Speaker Bureau member.  (See Chapter 21 section B of GMTSS manual for Speaker)
5. Pass the Certified Trainer exam
6. Must have achieved Shopping Annuity® Master Member status at least one quarter within the last year.
7. Must have qualified as a Master UnFranchise Owner at least one quarter within the last year.
8. Must have retailed a minimum of $3,000 in TLS products for the year.
9. Must have attended a corporate-sponsored Train the Trainer, TLS-101 and TLS-201 once per year.
10. Attend and purchase five tickets to both International Convention and World Conference from the Company.
11. Support of play a role in your area GMTSS Team/Leadership Committee
12. Respond to questions on the 'TLS Weight Loss Solution Coach Support' Facebook page.

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