zoom 2021 calendar: upcoming webinars and learning sessions

Have you experienced the power of online learning through Zoom? Thanks to Zoom, the corporate team and top leaders in the field have been hosting nightly webinars and learning sessions that are streamed to the UnFranchise® community. 

Even though most people are stuck inside, UnFranchise growth does not have to stop. The Market America team has planned multiple sessions per week with speakers such as JR Ridinger, Dennis Franks, Dr. Deedra Mason, Jim Winkler, and Melanie Nelson. Try to attend as many sessions as you can with your teams.

There are links under each session that includes information about the topic as well as where to register for the webinar*. If you have not activated your Zoom account, click here for instructions.

Please note that these sessions are conducted in English. After the live Zoom broadcasts, you can also revisit each session on the Market America YouTube channel, in the “Zoom Webinars & Online Training Resources” playlist. There, you can select subtitles for each video in many different languages. Just click on the “CC” icon to turn on closed captioning, click on the gear-shaped icon for “Settings,” click on “Subtitles/CC,” then click on “Auto-translate.” You will then be able to select your language of choice for the subtitles. 

Many additional online trainings and events, including UnFranchise Business Presentations (UBPs), New UnFranchise Owner Trainings (NUOTs), Basic 5 trainings, Executive Coordinator Certification Trainings (ECCTs), General Product Trainings (GPTs), and trainings for every University major are listed on UnFranchise.com > Help & Training > GMTSS > Meeting Search. All GMTSS online trainings have reduced tickets prices, and all online UBPs are free for UnFranchise Owners and guests.

Here is the upcoming Zoom calendar. Share this information with your teams and plan accordingly!

September 29

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Who: Eddie Alberty, Mark Myers and John Casson

Time: 12:00pm EDT

Zoom Link: Click to register


*Schedule, topics and speakers subject to change. Some content in some Zoom sessions may not be in alignment with other Market Countries. These Zoom training sessions have been made available for informational and educational purposes only.  UFOs are held liable by the government when using marketing materials with unauthorized claims in their respective Market Countries. Products mentioned in some of the sessions may be not be available in all Market Countries but may be available for personal consumption through SHOP.COM Global (GLOBAL.SHOP.COM). Visit SHOP.COM Global for more information.


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