2019 nutrametrix consultant training

The all new two-day nutraMetrix Consultant (NC) training provides comprehensive education that suits all attendees in learning how to successfully design and implement nutraMetrix wellness solutions for health care professionals. This course builds upon the foundation provided in the nutraMetrix 101 and 201 sessions offered through the Global Meeting, Training, and Seminar System (GMTSS.)  Attendance at a nutraMetrix 101/201 is recommended prior to attending the two-day NC training, but is not required.

The training ticket is $195.00.  Topics include:

  • Understanding nutraMetrix and the Consultant Role
  • Supplementation Rationale
  • Understanding nutraMetrix Products & Services
  • Positioning Yourself as a Consultant and Referral Marketing
  • Goals and Action Planning for Success
  • Setting Appointments
  • Conducting a Discovery Meeting
  • Business Proposal Development and Tools
  • Implementation Procedures
  • Role Plays and Live Demonstrations
  • Understanding Your Compensation and Strategizing Your Success

Tickets to nutraMetrix events can also be ordered by calling the order line at 800-232-8590, Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM EST.

Make sure to clear your browsers history or use a private browser window to access the online registration form at www.nutrametrix.com 

Click HERE for instructions on how to clear your internet browsers history.

*You must state that you are with nutraMetrix/Market America in order to receive group rates. Dates, times and locations are subject to change with notification.  Please email nutraMetrix@nutraMetrix.com with any questions


nutraMetrix 101: An Introduction to nutraMetrix
Open to all UFOs and their guests, this training provides the basics of how to get started with nutraMetrix, including how to introduce the program to Health Professional contacts and potential nutraMetrix Consultants (NCs), what resources and tools are available, and how to explain the financial opportunity behind the nutraMetrix business model.
 Read More

 nutraMetrix 201: nutraMetrix Implementation Strategies
Open to all UFOs and their guests attendees will explore the nutraMetrix opportunity in more detail, including how the programs and services offered by nutraMetrix benefit the Health Professional and the nutraMetrix Consultant. Topics covered include how to conduct a discovery meeting to identify the needs of the practice, how to create a preliminary business proposal for the practice, and how to plan a successful implementation strategy. Read More

Tickets are $25.00 per person. All tickets purchased are nonrefundable; however, they are transferable to another person (but not to another training). 

Access GMTSS on the UnFranchise.com back office for meeting dates and locations.

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