2021 mideast region - local seminar

A Local Seminar is a more in-depth Basic 5 presentation that lasts six to eight hours and features a Guest Speaker who is an approved Speaker’s Bureau Category II member. Only approved Speaker’s Bureau Category II members can be featured speakers at a Local Seminar.  At Local Seminars, Distributors and UnFranchise® Owners are taught additional sales techniques and organizational-building techniques from some of the invited Guest Distributors in the respective area. Product Trainings can be included in this event as well as informational segments devoted to the various stores within Market America’s Mall Without Walls®. This event also recognizes area Distributors and UnFranchise Owners who have achieved new Pin Levels and UFO qualification or requalification, or have achieved outstanding retailing or recruiting accomplishments or other related success. 

Registration is $15.  

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Featured Speaker/Organizer

September 25, 2021

Online (Zoom)

Speaker: Trina Madura White - Supervising Coordinator 
Organizer: Bonnie Gallagher; 410-251-6378; kycourt@comcast.net 


  • Saturday, september 25, 2021

  • 9:30am - 3:30pm - General Session

SPEAKER PROFILE - trina madura white

It's amazing that nearly 13 years have passed being introduced to Market America. Because of the amazing products, I made the one of the best decisions of my life in 2005 to become an UnFranchise® Owner. Thanks to JR and Loren Ridinger!

I give God the credit for all my success, and thank my family, friends and mentors for their impact on my life. I grew up in the midst of violence, drugs and gangs on the south side of Chicago. I grew up in a single-parent home with 14 other siblings and family members. Our family was very poor and we lived on very little resources.

At age 14, I endured a devastating and life-altering experience when my humble home was destroyed and consumed by fire. Our family endured months of homelessness before we moved to Minneapolis with very little cash and food stamps. We depended on welfare most of my life until we were blessed to own our first home, then second. A local church reached out to our family and gave us hope and empowerment. My world began to change with God's help and I decided to dedicate my life to Christ and begin to live by faith. Life became exciting and adventurous.

Although I excelled in sports, I thought professional basketball was my destiny and vehicle to success. After completing college and graduate school with great academic success, I pursued a career in social work and ministry through non-profit organizations and churches for 30 years. I am grateful for all that I learned as a professional and leader in the helping profession. Recently, God stirred up a fresh vision and dream to serve in the full-time ministry, not with time but with heart. My deep desire is to empower others to greatness and teach Biblical truths.

Thanks to Market America, on November 4, 2007, I stepped out on faith and resigned from my traditional business. I decided to unlock my creative being and pursue avenues with significant income potential. Market America is a solid company that gives others a spring board to financial success.

My challenge to you is to find your passion and move on it! Don't just coast in life and let unmotivated, negative people rob you of your life. Surround yourself with those who love you and elevate your mind. Be a lifelong learner and pursue excellence in every area of your life. Listen to wise counsel, edify others, love and serve with no strings attached.

I am your biggest cheerleader! God bless you!

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