2020 Master business building workshops

At the Master Business Building Workshops are a new interactive, action-oriented workshop-style training where YOU are empowered to engage in result producing activities that will help you grow your business. UFOs learn by participating in over 20 activities throughout the day and leave with real experience, appointments booked and all areas of the Basic Five in Motion. Continue reading to learn WHY, WHEN, and WHERE to attend the Master Business Building Workshops.

The MBBA was created to implement and execute the “how.” These sessions identify 20% of the activities that generate 8-% of the BV. It will establish a 90-180 day sprint to duplicate. The end result is discipline and entrepreneurship. You should build two or more organizations generating 5000 BV per week.

The MBBW starts out with defining your “why” by listing goals, both intermediate and long-term. From there, you will create a goal and action plan to help achieve your 90-day goal. This sets the foundation for a success story. The foundation includes becoming a product of the product, product of the program, leveraging the GMTSS, developing tiers of leadership, and building event to event. One way to build on your foundation and the Base Ten is through trial size marketing, where people will be more likely to buy the products when they’ve tried them out.

UnFranchise Owners have been participating in a full day workshop with members of the Executive Sales Team all over the country and the results are pouring in.

The agenda features over 20 activities around the following topics:

  1. Welcome & Workshop Breakdown

  2. Why & Goal Statement
    Big Picture Why, Writing a Goal Statement, Creating Your 90-Day Action Plan

  3. Leading by Example: Establishing the Foundation 
    Becoming a Product of the Product, Product of the Program, GMTSS

  4. Base 10: Establishing a Portfolio of Customers
    One New Customer per Week, Building Share of Customer

  5. Seven Strong: Creating Leverage
    Prospecting, Nameslist, Learning the Approaches, Call Workshops, Conducting Appointments, How to Show the Plan, Sponsoring, Follow Up, ABC Pattern, Ongoing Activities, Ongoing Accountability

Market America | SHOP.COM has a stellar lineup of Master Business-Building Workshops scheduled to help UnFranchise® Owners take their UnFranchise Business to the next level. Contact your Local Coordinators for registration details.



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