Market hong kong 2019 product symposium

Market Hong Kong is proud to announce tickets are available now for the upcoming Product Symposium. The Product Symposium provides a wealth of critical information where attendees gain product knowledge, build belief in the company’s products, understand the product values, learn the product differences and price justification, learn to develop 10 to 15 repeat Preferred Customers and build share of customers. In addition, attendees learn to add complementary products to any single product purchase, increase the lifetime value of customers and build a Shopping Annuity™.

The 2018 Product Symposium, which taught UnFranchiseTM Owners about healthcare and product information, was a huge success and you won’t want to miss the 2019 training. There will be health professionals from around the world joining the trainings. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the latest health information from the experts!

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for more updates on the speaker lineup!




20-21 July, 2019

Grand Hall A&B, Convention Centre 3, Science Park
Shatin, Hong Kong

Corporate & Top Field Leaders 


  • saturday, 20 july

  • 9:30 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. - General Session
  • sunday, 21 July

  • 9:30 A.M.–6:00 P.M. – General Session

*This schedule is an example only. Schedules may vary. 
Speakers, Agenda, Dates and Locations are all Subject to Change. Please note that ticket purchases are nonrefundable.

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