UnFranchise Owners come from all over the world to gain the key knowledge and experience that only a major event such as MAIC2019 and MAWC2020 can deliver. From setting the stage, to creating PowerPoint slides, to writing brilliant presentations, months of dedication and prep goes into making each major event even better than the last. From the time you arrive until you head home, the experience from MAIC and MAWC can’t be matched. In just a few days, UnFranchise Owners attend main stage presentations, team meetings, breakout sessions, and seek every opportunity to network and gain knowledge from their peers and mentors. Each person’s experience and takeaways from the event are unique. Often times, you may feel that Loren or JR are speaking directly to you based on what you need to hear. That’s why we love to hear about your biggest takeaways and magic moments during the event.

International Convention

Event:  International Convention
Dates:  August 26-29, 2021
Venue:  Greensboro Coliseum


Event: World Conference
Dates: March 26-28, 2021
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