wct 201: advanced selling & networking

The maWebCenters 201 class is designed for WebCenter Owners who have taken the 101 course and are ready to take their business to the next level. 

The Market Place:
Overcoming consumer confusion
Building value with clients

Goal Assessment:
Redefining goals, Organizational systems

Lead generation, networking, confirming appointments, advanced selling

Call Workshop

Your WebCenter:
Domains, marketing materials and more

Business Building:
Building Share of Customer, Mentoring an Intern, Conducting a 12 Week Action Plan

B2B Digital marketing presentation

Purpose: To educate business owners on the power of digital marketing.  By building value into WHY they need a digital solution, we create incentive for them to dig deeper.  UFOs should invite prospects to learn more about digital marketing, as well as how our solution can help.

Education: What makes a great website and digital strategy?

Our Solution: How our product can help

Networking: Take the 15-minute consult, sell appointments and network

upcoming webcenter trainings:

All-Star WCT201 

The WCT201 is open to UFOs and Guests who have previously attended the WCT101 since October 2020.  This will be a virtual training held on zoom and is available worldwide. 

Cost: £12 GBP/$15 USD per person (UFOs & Guests pay the same fee)

For those based in EUROPE/APAC: https://bit.ly/UKWCT201

For those based in the AMERICAS: www.allthatinternet.com/wcttraining





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