Certified mawebcenters training

Certified WebCenter Trainer Schools are corporate-sponsored and corporate-operated training programs conducted one to two times per year.  These schools are conducted to prepare individuals to train others on Market America Internet products and services and to keep trainers current with new internet products and services and with Market America's Internet policies.  Applications for classes are available online.  

Candidates for Market America's Certified WebCenter Training Schools must meet the following requirements:

(A)  WebCenter Trainer qualification:  An UnFranchise Owner must meet the following requirements to become a Certified Trainer, as well as, to renew status as a Trainer each year:

  1. Must maintain at least Category 1 Speaker status
  2. Must maintain an e-mail address and notify Market America of any changes
  3. Must have an active WebCenter
  4. Must have attended (or conducted) one training within one (1) year prior to Certified WebCenter Training School (Please attache copies of Certificates of Completions to this application).  Certified WebCenter Trainer's provide dates of training conducted or of last Certified WebCenter Training School
  5. Must pay a fee of $100/person or $200/couple for initial qualification/recertification
  6. Must have personally sold six (6) active WebCenter Products, within one (1) year prior to Certified WebCenter Training School, a minimum of three (3) products must be new website sales from your own WebCenter.  No sales can be to yourself
    1. Eligible maWebCenters Products can include:  New website sale, Premium Responsive Layout, Design Package, SEO Package, Google Advertising, Social Media Managment, Online Reputation Management, Facebook Advertising, Managed Monthly Membership and Content Writing
  7. Must attend a re-certification course every year

Requirements must be met at time of application.  Applications must be postmarked by the published deadline (usually two weeks before the course).  Failure to do so can result in suspension or loss of Certified WebCenter Trainer status.



The new maWebCenters® Certification Course 101 is designed to give you a simple and duplicable system for building your UnFranchise® Business as a WebCenter Owner.  More than that, it features a four-part appointment-setting workshop and goal-setting workshop so you can leave the class with practical experience and actionable information.  Join Sarah Rose Stack and our all-star CWTs to learn, practice, interact and take your WebCenter business to the next level. 

Topic will include:

The Product
Learn how our products can potentially benefit your client, how they compare to the competition, and how they can work in the marketplace.

Set Your Business Goals
WebCenter goal-setting and action plans, Goal Setting Workshop

Simple Sales Approach:  The Five "Cs"
Learn how to market maWebCenters products using the "5 Cs" to build shares of customers or start a business relationship.  Retailing Demos, Retailing Workships

Using Your WebCenter
Learn how to use your WebCenter and leverage the teams of professionals that work for you.

Business Building
How to share the WebCenter & WebCenter Pro Program to grow your team.


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