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All-Star WebCenter Certification Training


The new maWebCenters® Certification Course 101 is designed to give you a simple and duplicable system for building your UnFranchise® Business as a WebCenter Owner. More than that, it features a four-part appointment-setting workshop and goal-setting workshop so you can leave the class with practical experience and actionable information. Join Sarah Rose Stack and our all-star CWTs to learn, practice, interact and take your WebCenter business to the next level.




Topics will include:


The Product

Learn how our products can potentially benefit your client, how they compare to the competition, and how they can work in the marketplace.


Set Your Business Goals

WebCenter goal-setting and action plans, Goal Setting Workshop


Simple Sales Approach: The Five "Cs"

Learn how to market maWebCenters’ products using the "5 Cs" to build shares of customers or start a business relationship. Retailing Demos, Retailing Workshops


Using Your WebCenter

Learn how to use your WebCenter and leverage the teams of professionals that work for you.


Business Building

How to share the WebCenter & WebCenter Pro Program to grow your team

2019 International Convention



2019 International Convention

August 8-11, 2019

Receptions: August 7th  

Greensboro, NC

Venue: Greensboro Coliseum 

Host Hotel: Sheraton Greensboro

Phone: 336-292-9161



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