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Riding the Success of Market Hong Kong's 2018 Annual Convention

Event enthusiasm broke the record of ticket sales to Market Hong Kong's 2018 Leadership School!

Market Hong Kong’s 2018 Annual Convention was held last week and was a resounding success. More than 1,000 UnFranchise™ Owners and business partners came to the event, where they enjoyed two full days of exciting announcements and vital business-building insights, methodologies and systems.

Thank you to the leaders and speakers who came from all over the world. They empowered the audience and strengthened the confidence of UnFranchise Owners to build their UnFranchise Businesses. Enthusiasm ran high, and those in attendance responded to the call to purchase tickets for Market Hong Kong's 2018 Leadership School in October. As a result, we are thrilled to announce that the selling of Leadership School tickets set a new record in Market Hong Kong history! A limited number of tickets are still available. Get your tickets before they are sold out!

If you were there, you are now equipped to grow your business like never before. If not, check out all the eager faces in our convention photos on Market Hong Kong’s Facebook page!


Put all the convention presentations to work for your success

Market Hong Kong’s 2018 Annual Convention includes additional information that you won’t find anywhere else. Utilize these presentations to further equip yourself with tips on growing your UnFranchise Business, the latest enhancements to HK.SHOP.COM and the advantages of our new products, including Motives®, Isotonix® and TLS®. Download the PowerPoint presentations on now!





回顧2018美安香港年會的精彩内容,立即瀏覽美安香港Facebook 專頁,感受大會的熱情和動力﹗




2018美安香港年會提供了所有成功經營超連鎖™事業的知識與策略,但唯有親臨現場才能真正體驗並充分掌握大會所傳送出的動能。無法前往的超連鎖™店主可在UnFranchiseTraining.com上下載演講簡報,利用簡報進一步了解持續發展超連鎖™事業的秘訣、 HK.SHOP.COM的最新發展,以及Motives®、Isotonix®系列與TLS系列等新產品的優勝之處!掌握重要資訊,助你迅速發展事業。立即下載簡報。

Limited Seating Available for 2018 Product Symposium

Learn the importance of attending the Product Symposium from Dennis Franks, Executive Vice President of Market America and get your tickets today.

According to International Business Machines, known as IBM, human knowledge is doubling every 13 months. With clinical knowledge doubling every 18 months and nanotechnology doubling every 24 months, we are obligated to keep current with valuable information that relates to our profession, finances and wellness. Thinking about this is a bit overwhelming. Most people would think…how will I ever keep up with the increase of knowledge and changing times? The good news is we were born with the ability to learn and to get smarter; with the right attitude, learning becomes exciting as well as empowering.

The purpose in attending this symposium is to gain valuable insight in product knowledge and application, so that we can be more effective on providing science-based information to better educate our customers and potential customers for our business. Sharing relevant and accurate information is paramount when starting with a new customer or new business partner. Because within each customer and partner comes a lifetime value that will fuel our Management Performance Compensation Plan and be the fuel to a long-term ongoing income by regenerating valuable Business Volume each week.

Health professionals, scientists, business professionals and clinicians are all gathered here to deliver powerful information that can enhance and improve your business outcome with proper application. I do not say this lightly since each and every one of you in attendance is an important member of our Market America Worldwide family. Your success in developing a stable and profitable UnFranchiseTM Business is key to the future success of others.

Click here to learn about the professionals joining the symposium.

Market Hong Kong 2018 Product Symposium
 Saturday, June 30 and Sunday, July 1
Venue: Grand Hall A & B, Convention Centre 3, Science Park
Address: Science Park, Shatin, Hong Kong
Ticket Price: HK$1,360.00
Code: 2188_HKGPS18


美安集團執行副總裁Dennis Franks :「產品專題會是一場絕不能錯過的重要會議!」尚餘少量門票,立即購買!

根據IBM公司指出,人類的知識每13個月就會增加一倍,而臨床知識的翻倍時間為每18個月,納米技術則為每24個月。因此我們有需要保持更新與專業、財務和健康相關之重要信息,單單是想像也有點令人覺得難以負荷。大多數人會想……我將如何跟上日新月異的海量知識和時代變化的步伐? 好消息是,我們天生就具備學習能力,變得更聰明,態度變得正確,因為學習能夠令人振奮,並且變得有力量。



按此 了解各演講嘉賓資料。

日期: 2018年6月30日-7月1日(六及日) 
會場: 沙田科學園會展中心3展覽廳A及B
地址: 香港新界沙田科學園
票價: HK$1,360.00
代號: 2188_HKGPS18







2018 International Convention



2018 International Convention

August 9-12, 2018

Receptions: August 8th  

Greensboro, NC

Venue: Greensboro Coliseum 

Host Hotel: Sheraton Greensboro at Four Seasons

Phone: 336-292-9161



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