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Certified maWebCenters® Training


Exciting things are happening with the WebCenter program!  With so many new developments and upgrades, the demand for trainers is higher than ever!

  •  Do you have experience with the program?
  •  Have you built your business with the WebCenter?
  •  Do you have something to share?

Of course you do!


So become a Certified WebCenter Trainer!  It's a great way to support your own group, train your team members and share your knowledge with other distributors across the country to help them grow their UnFranchise® Business.  And you get compensated for your time and effort!  We're offering incentives that pay you to create successful WebCenter owners!  We've got a new, updated training model that focuses on teaching the average distributor how to sell websites.  We've made enhancements and improvements to the system and our software.  With so many new additions the WebCenter program isn't just spreading nationally - it's growing all over the globe!


Become a part of this international movement.  WebCenter trainers are needed in all areas of the country right now, and the next Certified WebCenter Training class will be held in August.


Training Location:

Sheraton Four Seasons
Koury Convention Center

3121 High Point Road

Greensboro, NC 27407


Meeting Room:



Sunday, August 10th and Monday, August 11th following the International Convention event in Greensboro, NC


In order to become a Certified WebCenter Trainer you must meet the following Requirements: 


  •  Must have personally sold at least six (6) Third-Party Web Sites, within one year prior to CWT School, through your own WebCenter, none of which were sold to yourself.
  •  Must be and maintain at least Category 1 Speaker status with Market America.
  •  Must have and maintain Internet access.
  •  Must have and maintain an e-mail address and must notify Market America of any changes.
  •  Must have an active WebCenter.
  •  Must have attended (or conducted) one WebCenter training within one year prior to CWT School.
  •  Must pay a fee of $100 per person or $200 per couple for initial or recertification application.  

To attend, please fill out and send in the  Certified WebCenter Trainer Application.  It is also located in the download "Trainings" area on



2015 International Convention





2015 International Convention

August 6-9, 2015

Receptions: August 5th

Greensboro, NC

Venue: Greensboro Coliseum

Host Hotel: Sheraton/Koury Convention Center
Phone: 336.292.9161




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